Help — Commands


/checkt add resource

Adds a resource that can be checked in and out to the shared library.


/checkt remove resource

Removes a resource from the shared library so that it is no longer available to be checked in or out.


/checkt list [<search term>]

List all resources in the library. An optional search term can be provided to filter the list of resources. Searches can be a partial match and are case insensitive. Resources that have been checked out will show who has it and how long they've had it.


/checkt out resource

-t, --time [DURATION] Checks a resource back in after a set amount of time. The time may be passed as a number of minutes (e.g. 30) or hours and minutes (e.g. 1:45).

Checks out a resource from the library. If you attempt to check out a resource that is already in use, checkt will ask if you would like to be notified when it's returned. Resources checked out for a period of time can be extended by checking them out again with a new time.


/checkt in resource

--force Forcibly check in a resource that does not belong to you. The current owner will notified that the resource has been checked back in.

Checks a resource back into the library.