Privacy Policy

Never Done LLC is committed to respecting your privacy and the data you provide us. Your data will not be sold to third parties and we attempt to limit distributing your data to third parties where feasible.

Data Collected

We store all data needed for the service to function. This includes data such as resource names, current check out status, etc. Personal information regarding teams and team members is outlined below.


Your Slack team identifier and name are saved into our service. We also save the size of your team for billing purposes.

Team Members

Our service is available to all team members regardless of whether they have logged into the checkt website. For team members who do not log into the checkt website, we only collect their Slack user identifier. For team members who do log into the checkt website, we collect their Slack user identifier, name, and email.


Cookies are used for sessions when a user logs into the service.


Logs are collected when you visit the site. The logs are transmitted to Papertrail where they are retained for 7 days. These logs include some limited personal information such as an IP address. If you would like the data removed sooner, please reach out via our support page.


Google Analytics is used but visitor IP addresses are anonymized.


The checkout process and payments are handled through Paddle. We forward them your email address to accelerate the checkout process. All data entered during the checkout process is retained in Paddle and not in checkt.

Law Enforcement

We will not provide your data to law enforcement unless a court order says that we have to. Any request by a law enforcement agency will be rejected unless they provide the necessary court orders. We will inform you if a request is made for your data unless we are legally restricted from doing so.

Account Cancellation and Deletion

Cancelling the service will immediately delete your team, all users that are only associated with your team, and all information needed to run the service such as resource names. Individual team members can remove their account at any time so long as they are not the only account associated with the team. If they are the only account associated, they can get someone else to log in and then delete, or they can remove the entire team. This is done so there is alway a contact for the account. All billing history is retained within our payment service.

Policy Updates

We may update this privacy policy on rare occasions. If the update contains significant changes, we will notify all users via email.

If you have any questions you can reach out to us through our support page.